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JCEMS is Proud to Serve The Courts in The 21st Century With The Latest High Tech Monitoring Tools.


Here is a quick overview pertaining to Electronic Ankle Monitoring Services (House Arrest) and Alcohol Monitoring available with our company.


The below pictured devices are readily in stock at our office and can be activated within hours, from our location.


Our daily, weekly, and monthly rate plans are very competitive and are geared to the courts and defendant's finances.


All monitoring is by JCEMS; therefore “NOT” a burden on “Local County Budgets” nor is there a need to hire additional workers.


There is no need for a Landline at resident.  Our services track a defendants’ whereabouts 24/7 via cell phone towers (GPS).


We are not advocating our system is fool proof nor any better than other system available on the market. But we do stand by the fact that we are the most competitive agency with equivalent service and we stand “Second to None”.


JCEMS has a "Stellar Service Record" with the  Courts, Attorneys, and Private Clients we support.


We provide reports weekly, monthly, or on demand, to the court, prosecutors, and attorneys, as needed.

Reports are in Excel Spread Sheet format or PDF, and easy to read.


“We Do Provide a Quality Service” and we look forward to serving you!


GPS Monitoring, House Arrest, Ankle Monitoring, Electronic Monitoring, GPS, Ankle Monitoring, GPS Monitoring, House arrest services, House arrest services. JCEMS provides reliable and efficient court-ordered defendant monitoring equipment available on the market today. We are a full service provider, offering services in a one-stop shop for all your electronic monitoring needs. GPS Monitoring, House Arrest, Ankle Monitoring, GPS, House Arrest Services, Ankle Monitoring, GPS Monitoring We work with you to develop comprehensive programs suited to your Court/Agency and its offender’s management needs. House arrest services, House arrest services. Since starting operation in 2009, we have provided monitoring services to more than 500 individual offenders. We hold offenders accountable, assure a maximum level of community protection and save considerable taxpayer dollars from the high cost of incarceration. The costs of jailing an offender ranges from $55 to $90 and taking into consideration for transporting prisoner's to other facilities (due to overcrowding) the cost can skyrocket to more. Our cost to the courts for electronic monitoring averages between $8 and $12 per day – a substantial savings in monetary and personnel. Leading the industry since 2009, JCEMS is proud of its long history and its position in the industry. We acquire our monitoring devices from the world’s most respected companies and notable brands - this gives us the advantage over most independent companies due to our advanced tracking and monitoring solutions.