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Soberlink SL2

SOBERLINK is the first and only handheld breathalyzer to wirelessly report a person's blood alcohol content. The breathalyzer features a built-in camera and uses wireless technology to send the subject's BAC, photograph, and time of report to a secure web portal with unlimited cloud storage for remote access.

SOBERLINK monitors sobriety – anytime, anywhere


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GPS Monitoring, Ankle Monitoring, Electronic Monitoring, GPS, Ankle Monitoring, GPS Monitoring, House arrest services, House arrest services. JCEMS provides reliable and efficient court-ordered defendant monitoring equipment available on the market today. We are a full service provider, offering services in a one-stop shop for all your electronic monitoring needs. GPS Monitoring, House Arrest, Ankle Monitoring, GPS, House Arrest Services, Ankle Monitoring, GPS Monitoring We work with you to develop comprehensive programs suited to your Court/Agency and its offender’s management needs. House arrest services, House arrest services. Since starting operation in 2009, we have provided monitoring services to more than 500 individual offenders. We hold offenders accountable, assure a maximum level of community protection and save considerable taxpayer dollars from the high cost of incarceration. The costs of jailing an offender ranges from $55 to $90 and taking into consideration for transporting prisoner's to other facilities (due to overcrowding) the cost can skyrocket to more. Our cost to the courts for electronic monitoring averages between $8 and $12 per day – a substantial savings in monetary and personnel. Leading the industry since 2009, JCEMS is proud of its long history and its position in the industry. We acquire our monitoring devices from the world’s most respected companies and notable brands - this gives us the advantage over most independent companies due to our advanced tracking and monitoring solutions.

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There are several phases within the offender-monitoring continuum where SOBERLINK can be implemented.

SOBERLINK monitoring allows the offender to prove abstinence from alcohol and compliance to the courts while maintaining their dignity and quality of life. SOBERLINK’s Monitoring Web Portal provides evidence-based data to help the courts make the best decision regarding the offender’s next step in the judicial system.

Reasons to use SOBERLINK monitoring:

SOBERLINK monitoring can be issued to the offender as a condition of bail or to assure compliance leading up to a court date. 

As part of the offender’s probation, SOBERLINK can be used to monitor sobriety and act as a public safety measure.

Family Court
SOBERLINK can be used to promote accountability and better assess the level of alcohol dependency in the family.  If there are custody concerns regarding alcohol abuse by a parent, SOBERLINK monitoring will help keep the parent sober and accountable while with the child. 

Alternative to Ignition Interlock
SOBERLINK can be an alternative solution for the alcohol offender who doesn’t own a car or can’t afford the ignition interlock device.

Step Down
SOBERLINK can be used as a “step down” or incentive for complying with more severe monitoring devices, such as CAM products.

Cost-effective Solution
Compared to most remote alcohol monitoring products and services, SOBERLINK is an extremely cost effective solution. 


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