Omnilink Device OM400

The OM400 is the most advance offender monitoring technology. 

Now with 2-Way communications


Omnilink® Unveils New OM400™ Offender Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

August 1, 2012- Omnilink® today announced the OM400™ offender monitoring bracelet, which features unrivaled reliability and usability, new RF compatibility, and new 2-way communication capability. Criminal justice professionals can communicate with offenders using vibrations and sound signals sent from the Omnilink FocalPoint™ offender monitoring application, and offenders can acknowledge the signal by pressing a button on the OM400™ ankle bracelet.

“The OM400™ is the most advanced offender monitoring technology we’ve ever created,” said Daniel Graff-Radford, Omnilink’s vice president and general manager. “We’ve packed a lot of industry must-haves into this 4th generation device and it’s built on our platform of ultra-reliability and usability. We’re certain customers will love it.”

The OM400™ was designed to track—and communicate with—all types of offenders 24/7, indoors and out. Built on the rock-solid reliability of the popular OM210™ ankle bracelet, OM400™ also offers the in-demand features available with OM210™ including remarkably few false alerts, one-piece design, superior battery life, a cut-free strap, tool-free installation, superior accuracy, extreme temperature resistance, dependable tamper technology, waterproof, GPS location, extensive store and forward capability, shock and impact resistance, and proprietary signal encryption.

The OM400™ combines GPS, A-GPS, AFLT location technologies to provide complete indoor and outdoor tracking. OM400™ is certified on the Sprint® and Verizon® networks, is FCC compliant, small, lightweight, and safe for offenders to wear.

To learn more about OM400™ contact Omnilink at 1-800-228-1203.



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