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Buddi’s Smart Tag is the world's smallest and lightest assisted GPS tracker, uniquely providing a long battery life (reducing compliance issues) and a difficult to remove strap with optical fibre sensing. The advanced reusable straps are comfortable while the easy to use locking mechanism eliminates false strap tamper alerts.


The  Buddi  Smart  Tag  is  configured  over­the­air,  allowing  a  variation  of  settings  from  curfew monitoring to full GPS live­tracking whenever you need.

Lightweight, accurate and waterproof, the Smart Tag provides instant alerts in the events of tamper/removal, out of communication, and entering or leaving set geographic zones. The evidence of which has been tried, tested and proven in court.

Buddi Hardware

·         Integrated GPS/GSM/RF tracking and curfew solution with multi-network roaming access for greater network coverage

·         Compact RF home beacon with no set-up requirement

·         Ergonomic and robust physical properties, including strap, locking mechanism, casing and electronics, built in tamper sensing, waterproofing, hypoallergenic materials

·         Ease of installation

·         Wide range of reusable strap sizes available.

·         Removal tool allowing field staff to avoid physical contact with wearer and tag

·         Long battery life with typical active GPS operation on a single charge of 3 to 7 days

·         On body fast charger, to allow flexibility for wearer





GPS based location

Latest SiRF IV fully assisted GPS engine

Accuracy; 1.8m outdoors under standard GPS test conditions (static and stationary)

-­‐142dBm/-­‐163dBm acquisition/tracking sensitivity

Reliable location in light indoors positions

Indoor GPS spike reduction and removal with use of RF beacon

GSM location back-­‐up

Typically 500m (Urban areas) wider in rural area

Indoors location

Short Range Radio, 10m accuracy





Quad band GSM antenna (Tuned/Custom integration)

GPRS/GSM Modem – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Data transmission over GPRS

Able to transmit and receive text messages


Short Range Radio

ISM band 868/915MHz

10 meters typical range indoors




3.8 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches


2.4oz without strap, 4.4oz including strap

IP Rating

Waterproof IP68 (Full Immersion in water to 5m for 1 hr)


EN 60068 -­‐ storage to 70°C and operation at 55°C

Shock/Impact test

EN 60068 -­‐ 1m drop tests onto steel plate




Able to store information if GPRS absent

Automated Alerts

Inclusion and exclusion zones

Strap removal alert, casing tamper

Reporting Profile

Fully configurable, from every 30" to daily


OTA software update, remote diagnostics


Strap tamper/removal indication, low battery



Power input

5VDC 800mA


Battery Life

12 months in stand-­‐by

6 months within range of radio base station

3 to 7 days typical use





Charging Dock, Power Supply, strap, On-­‐Body Charger,

Beacon, Smart Beacon


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