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Judges and Magistrate:

Honorable Judge Christopher Regan, Jackson County Common Pleas 740-286-3601

Honorable Judge Michael Musick, Jackson County Municipal 740-286-2718 Cell: 740-418-5148

Honorable Judge Price, Pike County Court, 740-947-4003

Honorable Judge Simmons, Vinton County Common Pleas Court, 740-596-4319


Atty Roxanne Hoover, Magistrate Portsmouth Ohio, 740-354-2375



Jackson County Prosecutor - Attorney Justin Lovett - 740-286-2006

Assistant Prosecutor Jill Shrive 740-286-4800 or 740-286-2006

Vinton County Prosecutor - Attorney Trecia Kimes Brown - 740-596-5583

Clerk Of Courts:

Lisa A. Gilliland - Clerk Of Courts - Vinton County Court - 740-596-3001

Michael Seth - Clerk Of Courts - Jackson County Court - 740-286-3601

Diana K. Morris - Jackson County Municipal Court - 740-286-2718

Probation Officers:

Pike County Court - Probation Office - Mr. Todd Weaver- 740-947-4003, Ext 1

Pike County Court - Probation Office - Mr. Travis Holder- 740-947-4003, Ext 2

Wes Skaggs - Jackson County Municipal Court - 740-286-2718  


Pike County Community Corrections - Ms. Mary Smith - 740-947-7625


Atty Justin Skaggs 740-286-4100 or 740-286-5461

Atty Michael Moore 740-286-0030

Atty John Clark 740-286-4200 or 740-775-5291

Atty Joshua Price 740-992-4100 or 740-416-5406

Atty Troy Howeyshell 740-596-1800

Atty Jim Bolger 740-775-5312

Atty Mike Moran 740-357-2062

Atty Adam Burke 614-232-9122

Atty Andy Lyles 740-698-4529 or 614-491-4250

Atty Gleason 740-385-7979

Atty Richard Nash 740-353-9850

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